Injection molding requires engineers a good domination the injection molding technology, such as insert molding, micro molding, double color molding and etc, meanwhile the OEM/ODM abilities of color mixing, material combination and adaptation, design improvement, and etc, depending on years of experience and trail, all to make sure the parts are to be in high level quality, accurate and high performing, feasible and durable, satisfying and benefiting.

Quality control is also one thing needed all over the process, highly advanced machines help with measuring of all kinds of complicated products or thin wall products, getting the most precise measuring. Automatic imager: for the outline of injection parts, basic dimension.

Manual three coordinates: for the measuring of injection parts including shape dimension and position dimension and etc.

Zeiss automatic three coordinates: for the measuring of injection parts, programmable and the precision can be 0.0017mm, also can do reverse scanning to get a most precise size.

Plug in instrument: for measuring the torque of the injection parts, mostly auto parts.

All these most instruments service the necessity of a good OEM/ODM injection molding.

Manual Three Coordinates Instrument

Manual Three Coordinates

Plug In Instrument (torque measuring)

Plug In Instrument For Torque Measuring


Zeiss Automatic Three Coordinates Indstrument