Injection molding, it’s thermoplastic, means melting the plastic material (usually PP, PE or PA) and injecting it into the mold cavity. Once the molten plastic pushed into the mold cavity, it’s shaped due to the design of cavity. In hot runner the resulting shape is often the final product and no further processing is required prior to installation or use as a final product, in cold runner, we will have cut of the gate material.
OEM/ODM injection molding, not only includes production, but a whole procession from sample checking, material ingredient determination, mold design and production, sample products testing before massive production, inspection,installation, assembling, packing, and delivery.

Further more, the plastic injection molded parts, some aspects might influence its surface appearance, such like gating position, parting line location, ejector pins positions, this is why we will confirm all make better suggestions with customers before designing the mold. We will also make some surface treatments to the mold according to the samples, such like polishing, mirror polishing, matting finish and adding textures.
For some thicker areas of the products, there might be some shrinkage or flow marks after molding. Our design and engineering team will fully analyze the design in great details before production, if they foresee any shrinkage or flow mark problems, we will inform the customers and help to update the design better to avoid such issues.

Also for the most suitable material for the samples, wrong material will effect not only the surface appearance, but also the strength, pulling result, even for the same material different supplier, different material number will have different testing result, so this comes to the experience of our engineers, they will have a preliminary checking and deduce the best material, after testing, they might make a new fomula to get the most proper matching for the products.

Before massive production, our engineers will adjust the parameters on our injection molding machines, each engineer will have his respective habit on the settings of pressure, time or method, but all goes to the same purpose, the best sample flawless, no blister, no abrasion, and customer satisfying.