Why us?

Airplas can provide a whole package service, from sample assessment, mold design,tooling, products production, quality control, assembly, packaging and delivery and etc.

With sample arrival, our engineers with experience of over 25 years will do format of basic details( photos, size, weight, material, surface, logo, cavity can be, suggestions of improvement on design if any) to have a full view of your products, then our team will do the material purchasing, color matching, sample design, mold drawing confirmation, when the mold is ready, we will do sample trial for your approval before mass production,all our machines have robot arm for automation and safe production, the quality control team will do checking of each piece after trimming, then during the packing in a separate room there will be a double check. With such strict control production process, we can provide the best quality and lowest cost.

Our production ability covers the technology of the high precision injection, thin wall injection (0.02mm for pad ring inside watch), rubberized metal piece with multiple inlets,to fulfill the customers’ special requirements, also the weight can varies from micro tiny bit to 30kgs. So we have done all kinds of products and parts for automobile connections, electrical appliance, watch and cell parts, machine parts, toys, housing components, also trash cans, cases, buckets, tubes and all the staff you can think of. As our engineers has a very rich experience of all kinds of production adjustment, almost everyday we help mold factories for testing and also machine adjustment of other injection factories.

Thus our seriousness and professional work win us trust and loyalty of long-term cooperated customers, who has put their molds and orders to us all year round.

Sales manager:Daisy
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Address: Lizhuang Square, Xican Village, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China

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